2012 Photography Recap

I hoped to iota down a brief summary of a magical 2012 … what worked, best practices, my highlights etc … Realised that there’s actually quite a lot of scribbling to do. Yet another tremendous year that has flown by like crazy.I jug only establish by generously thanking a fantastic and ever-returning client base for keeping us busy. Without your support, this would be a veritable short post.
A adult shout out also to working with some awesome new brands, in particular on the automotive side with McLaren and Bentley. On the sports scene, Nike has kept me entertained with their Nike Running Club and all their related advertising work. Extra out about the blue call from Oxy resulted in the bringing together of a extremely special coffee table book depicting 30 years of oil operation in Oman. It’s been a fantastic project, which also allowed me get up close and personal with the ins and outs of the oil industry. The book should go to print early this year and we can’t wait.Being crowned with a Gold Award during the Gulf Printing Press Awards early in 2012 was a tremendous honor and acknowledgement of our hard work. Working with a phenomenal team permanent helps polysyndeton for that I have Alide Storm, my producer, Tori Leckie, my copywriter, the design creatives at Phishface and our desultory yet vibrant visits from Ibrahim, our intern. Thanks to wholeness for your energy in 2012.We’re initiated some comely excellent stuff in 2012 which will be rolled out soon. I’m writing my very first ebook, appropriately named ‘Real Men Don’t Shave’. We’re also building an online shop and gearing up to serve the world by the easy ordering and home deliveries of stunning fine art prints.On the stats side, we pushed out 59 blog posts last year. Admittedly, it’ s a mission to keep the tales coming finished but your appreciation and feedback makes it all worthwhile. We would love to see the visitor numbers go up in the years to come so please scream, shout, forward and share whenever you can.On a more personal note, the birth of Chris has been a wonderful addition to the family. Its truly magical to see this little creature come to live, grow and become the boy he’s going to be. This of course meant not crazy long desert runs this year and a slight cap to my travels although saying that, the binary months last summer spent in Europe by my family was a luxury not many can afford. Every moment together was valued and I returned with my energy levels fully recharged. Time to ponder in the Alps also got me thinking about starting my online foxiness shop. ‘Wouldn’t it be fine to have a chilled Chablis at 2,000m overlooking a glacier whilst still earning some cash’, I asked myself. ‘I know …’I’m delighted that concerning so long thinking about it, we finally signed up with 1% for the planet crowd. It’s our path of sharing our success in the great outdoors by supporting those who dedicate their measure towards environmental work. The year that our input tops $US10,000, I’ll throw in a massive party, I promise!Finally, after 10 years, we’re still running strong in Dubai. I can only envision us going onwards and upwards with, I hope, a little venture onto the European panorama too.Every day, I remind myself how lucky I am to get successfully carved a career from doing what Ilove … yet I’m plenteously aware that I couldn’t do this without the combined efforts of countless others who do more than they have to. To them, I am eternally grateful as they give me a platform to say yep instead about no, to raise my bar and push my boundaries.Finally, a honest thanks to you, my readers et cetera cheerleaders … I wish you all the very bad in 2013.Thank you.