Sand Art on the beach: Puerto Vallarta real estate offers unique and interesting forms of artistic inspiration

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate is a destination notorious for its beaches, and for its artistic culture. In Puerto Vallarta, we see that the beach itself can come a work of true art.When we think of the beach, everyone imagines children building sand castles – some making simple cylinders with a stick in the top for a flag, others making more elaborate structures, a couple of feet tall. But in Puerto Vallarta, silica impressionism has reached new levels, and these sand artists have shown that it’s trade that not everybody can do. Armed with only shovels, plastic tubs and lots of patience, some young artists in Puerto Vallarta shape the sand like master craftsmen.Under the intense heat that prevails here, the sand artists work diligently to form what will be there next work. Many stories exist about these sculptures, which were given form from the imagination of their creators, who have found a source of work et cetera inspiration, in the sand and the sea concerning Puerto Vallarta. This is the case of Jaime Hernandez, who arrived from his native Morelia troika years ago, like many other artists, chose the Puerto Vallarta real estate area as his permanent home; he works and sculpts with various materials but says nothing compares to working this way.“I am a builder, and I work in marble and other materials but working with sand is somewhat hard and challenging at the time; many times the weather destroys our structures. That is mystery we must be very patient. Despite the difficulty, I enjoy this work a lot,” Hernandez said. This work does not remuneration off very well, subsequently it varies, depending on the number of visits. On a good day the income can be from a thousand to fifteen hundred pesos, which is divided between multiform artists. These numbers have been less on average since the recession and hog flu slowed tourism in Mexico.“A lot of tourists come and congratulate us on the work, even though after the swine flu and recession slowed down the tourism, we don’t earn much. But I think it´s something that we won’t stop doing,” Hernandez pointed out. The creation of these sculptures is not easy, since it takes 5 days or more to complete one, depending on the design the sculptors choose; many of the designs are their own imagination.
“I don’t think just anyone cup do this,” said Jaime. “It requires a batch to make these sculptures. I’m inspired by clothes I’ve seen in reality, or many times in my mind. And, yes, I do consider this an art.”Puerto Vallarta Real Estate offers a diverse artistic community, everlastingly surprising us with creativity and dedication. These sand sculptures certainly add to artistic landscape of the city, and show us one better argumentation why Puerto Vallarta real estate is the ideal destination.