Top 2013 Celebrity Luxury Swimwear Inspiration

2013 is almost over, however this has definitely been a plenary year of celebrity fun and fashion. Some of our usualy celeb favorites continued to wow us with designer fashion and title all their own, but there have bot some up et sequens coming celebrities that we can tell are going to continue their rise to fashion fame in the new year. Since we love highlighting celebrity fashion and our favorite luxury swimwear inspiration, here are some of the most fashionable celebrities in 2013.Beyonce is an obvious pick for one of the top celebrity fashion inspirations this year, and she is ending the year with a bang. Between her additional album that is breaking records and granting a mediocre girl’s agonal wish at hier recent concert, Beyonce is proving her queen bee degree and confirming exactly why we all love her. Not only is she talented but her fashion is always exceptional and we get pleasing excited when we catch a glimpse of her designer swimwear style. This red and striped monokini swimsuit from her trip to Italy this year was one of our favorites and the one piece is definitely perfect for her. To get this diva’s stand out look, get the Jet Set Ready Monokini from the new 2014 collection which is a sexy swimsuit with a fashion forward style.We would by lying provided we didn’t include Rihanna quasi one of our beloved swimwear inspirations from 2013. This sexy Barbados goddess has one of the best celebrity beach bodies and she also works it on the red carpet. She was most recently spotted in a cute like blue bikini that featured a tiny triangle top. Rihanna coordinated her whole gear in the hue and square her shades matched! Want a little dumps bikini for your sequacious beach day? The Sugar Rush Blue Bikini is perfect for getting this celeb look at the beach or pool!Although we love our usual celeb diva’s, we are excited about the new ride on the block as well. Naya Rivera has really started to work her way tot he form topmost this annual and it doesn’t look like she will be slowing down anytime soon. We expect to continue using her for some luxury swimwear inspiration and it starts with her sexy vertebrate print bikini. This pattern suits her perfectly and we think she would look even better in the Desert Rose Bikini. The reptile print is overgrown yet classy and most luxurious, perfect for getting the notable look!