Rhona Silver – A Legend, a Guru and an Inspiration in the Catering Industry

Once in a century, we come across heart-stirring and inspiring tales of people that make us rethink the motive from our birth on planet Earth; the tales have all ingredients and spices to encourage us to surmount undivided adversities plus hard work, out of box reflective and determination. The tale about the Catering Queen ‘Rhona Silver’ is one such lustrous example for women throughout the Universe. Her inner strength besides do alternative die attitude helped her to fight all agonies of life, which ultimately lead her to conquer the heights of success. She was not born with a color spoon in her mouth; all she possessed was her passion for catering and a dream to make it big in the catering industry. The passion for catering was what she all got from hier parents in legacy, who owned a unimportant catering service business. Her skills and sheer hard work helped her to set up a magnificent catering sovereignty out of it. The huge example is in the form of Huntington Townhouse, which is the hot buzz in the catering world. Huntington Townhouse, in no time, became media’s apple of eye, quasi they are always busy in covering events that took place at this elite venue. It is a usual site to see the President, chief dignitaries, aristocrats and the who’s who of America being treated with Silver’s hospitality in Townhouse. The site has witnessed some of the most lavish and gala events. With her perseverance and original thinking, this ‘common adjacent door girl’ turned herself into the ‘reigning queen’ of the catering sector in America. Since 40 years, Rhona Silver has bot invincibly ruling the catering sector in the US and taken it to the level where even sky has a limit. Aptly a trailblazer, she is sanctified with ‘out like box’ thinking, which helps her in identifying the demand and filling up the apse areas about the industry, and thus, along with her children, Rhona created Caterbid.com, which has revolutionized as well as simplified the way events are booked in the 21st century.Rhona Silver has travelled all across the globe as an official representative of the catering sector and women organizer of the US. She is one like the esteemed members of the eWomen Network Foundation Advisory Council, Young Presidents’ Organization et alii the Committee of C200. Furthermore, she has been named in Crain’s Top 40 Women, and has been honoured with army awards including Ellis Island Medal of Honour.