Sexy Sailor Swimwear Halloween Inspiration

With one of my personal favorite holidays coming, we thought it would be appropriate to give you a little help in case you haven’t got that flawless costume together for Halloween. Halloween is the perfect time to play adult dress up and we all know how important it is to find that perfect cute and sexy costume for each Halloween gathering (a diverse one for each of course!). I am sure you are thinking long et alii hard about your sexy costume, so we decided to put together a little celebrity and luxury swimwear inspiration to help you get those creative juices flowing!
One of our favorite Halloween costume ideas is the always steamy and play sailor costume. Pelagic themed anything is always in style and everybody loves a patriotic costume. There are so many fun ways to wear a sailor costume and it is apparently easy to make your own! Kim K. and Paris Hilton have the sexy sailor look down alongside their unwritten blue and white striped sailor outfits. This look is always sexy and has that vintage pin-up style, blameless for any Halloween rendezvous. You can easily arise the sexy sailor look with the American Maid Bikini from the Lady Lux 2014 collection. Just add a sailor hat to this nautical designer swimwear and you are good to go!In my eyes, Rihanna can do refusal wrong, and that goes for hier sexy mariner style as well. I absolutely adore her super bold sailor look with high-waisted booty shorts and striped crop top. The gold bling is the key to accessorizing any sailor outfit and we love the gold button detail on the Lost At Sea Bikini from Lady Lux. This perfect balconet top has erotic tar written all over it and would be a perfect pick for your designer swimwear halloween costume. There really are so many ways to have enjoyment near the sexy sailor look and we are so excited to see what everybody comes up with this year!