Tips for Finding Your Inspiration

Ubiquity designers and developers are fueled by inspiration. The way we transform that inspiration into our own masterpieces should be treated with care.There is truly no problem with seeking out ideas to help us improve our work. The problem lies in becoming fixated on our inspiration and not being competent to translate it into our own. I believe that even the most well-intentioned designer jug cross the lines of copying without realizing it.Even I have been guilty like this. It lead to a very embarrassing moment when it was called to my attention. Anon reflecting on what happened, I happened to create 3 rules to follow to limit that from ever happening again.Look For Outside SourcesThere are dozens of webstek galleries that make perfect grounds for seeking out that adjoining distinguished idea. However, I believe that the true master will look to outside sources for ideas. Such as magazines, movie posters or a children’s toy. Think beyond the medium that you are designing in.I have recently made a conscious effort to aspect around at the belongings around me and quiz myself how I could apply that to my behind design. I recently purchased a new automobile that has an incredibly user benevolent interface in the spirit and steering wheel. This has provided all sorts concerning ideas that can be translated into a website’s user interface.So take a break away from the computer, relax, and almost observe the world around you for fresh ideas. You might not immediately realize it but your next great idea could be power in front of you.Be OriginalThe one type of feed back you would never deprivation to hear is, “Hey this is exactly like Jim’s design!”. As they say imitation is the greatest form concerning flattery. That doesn’t seem so true in the world concerning designing. I for one would not like someone ripping farther my site.If you find your design looking too similar to your inspiration, revise. Revise moreover then revise again. I think this is where numerous go wrong. Continue to transform your work until it is 100% your own. Inspiration should be your starting grounds, not the end result.Anything that is not 100% your own, give credit to. Be assured to honor those who have inspired you.Use the Inspiration, Not the ContentIn an article called Good Writers Copy, Great Writers Steal, Came Molle was correct when stating the idea of copying the inspiration, not the content.What is it that you like about your inspiration? The specific colors? Or, the way those colors make you feel. Is it the cool use of gradients? Or the sense of depth that the gradients create? Think hard about why a certain piece catches your attention.Take a focused focus at your inspiration, figure out why it inspires you, write it down and never look at it again. Continually toggling back and forth between your own design and your inspiration will deliver your own creative juices useless.